The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has launched a 10-year campaign that aims to eradicate statelessness by 2024. The campaign highlights the Global Action Plan to End Statelessness, which includes 10 actions to be undertaken by States with the support of the UNHCR and other stakeholders:

  • Action 1: Resolve existing major situations of statelessness
  • Action 2: Ensure that no child is born stateless
  • Action 3: Remove gender discrimination from nationality laws
  • Action 4: Prevent denial, loss or deprivation of nationality on discriminatory grounds
  • Action 5: Prevent statelessness in cases of State succession
  • Action 6: Grant protection status to stateless migrants and facilitate their naturalization
  • Action 7: Ensure birth registration for the prevention of statelessness
  • Action 8: Issue nationality documentation to those with entitlement to it
  • Action 9: Accede to the UN Statelessness Conventions
  • Action 10: Improve quantitative and qualitative data on stateless populations

Read more about the Global Action Plan to End Statelessness here.