On the 30th anniversary of the Cartagena Declaration on Refugees, Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean met in Brasilia, in December 2014. At the end of the meeting, 28 countries and three territories of Latin America and the Caribbean adopted the Brazil Declaration and Plan of Action.

The Brazil Declaration contains the commitment to uphold the highest protection standards for refugees, displaced and stateless persons in Latin America and the Caribbean. It recognizes the main humanitarian challenges affecting the region and makes innovative proposals on how to address them. The Brazil Plan of Action outlines 11 concrete strategic programs, to be implemented by participating governments over the next decade.

The “Eradicating Statelessness” program recommends implementing a series of actions including: (a) accession to the statelessness conventions; (b) the harmonization of internal legislation and practice on nationality with international standards; (c) the establishment of effective statelessness status determination procedures; (d) the adoption of legal protection frameworks that guarantee the rights of stateless persons.

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