Costa Rica




  • Marín, D (2016, March 23). “Chiriticos”, el drama de los indígenas “invisibles” de Costa Rica y Panamá. ElPaí Retrieved from
    • Indigenous people transcend the Panama/Costa Rica border every year, in order to work in the coffee plantations, which has created a group of stateless people. Many women have children in rural areas and many do not register the birth of their children. Costa Rica seeks to eradicate statelessness by 2014.

United States

  • No Author (2016, January 13). Why Has a Texas-Born Marine Veteran Been Left "Stateless" Under U.S. Immigration Policies? Democracy Now. Retrieved from  (Video)
    • A U.S. Marine veteran is considered stateless, as the government is not recognizing her birth certificate. She was given birth by a midwife, in Texas, as her mother was scared of being deported. Although her birth certificate was recognized by the military, the U.S. government did not recognize it when she filed for a passport.
  • Walpin, G., Rivkin, D. B. Yoo J. C. (2016, February 22). Birthright Citizenship: Two Perspectives. The Federal Society. Retrieved from
    • A debate regarding two perspectives on the 14th Amendment:  Should children born to illegal immigrants acquire American citizenship?
  • Washington, J. (2016, March 28). The US Wants to Deport This Palestinian-but First It’d Have to Recognize Palestine. The Nation. Retrieved from
    • Palestinian man fled from Gaza, in order to seek refuge in the United States. He has been in a state detention Centre for over a year. He was denied refugee status. As the United States does not recognize Palestine as a state, he cannot be deported.
  • Stern, M. J. (2016, June 6). The Supreme Court Needs to Settle Birthright Citizenship. Slate. Retrieved from
    • American Samoans are not granted citizenship at birth, which effectively leaves them stateless.
  • Young, A. L. (2016, August 29). The Girl Who Doesn't Exist. Radiolab. Retrieved from
    • A podcast episode about a young woman born and raised in Texas who can’t prove that she exists.

Latin American and the Caribbean

  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees (2016, April 27). Los países de América están progresando en la erradicación de la apatridia. Reliefweb. Retrieved from
    • Latin America and the Caribbean are committed to end statelessness by 2024.
  • Sin autor (a). (2016, Noviembre 7). Legisladores latinoamericanos analizarán la situación de los apátridas. El País. Retrieved from:
    • Representantes de parlamentos de El Salvador, Bahamas, Chile y Paraguay, entre otros, se reunirán con el fin de tomar acciones para dar fin a la apatridia.

  • Sin autor (a). (2016, Noviembre 9). Parlamentarios de la región se reúnen en Quito para promover respuesta a la apatridia. Retrieved from:
    • Con el fin de tomar medidas para acabar con la apatridia, alrededor de 30 parlamentarios de 16 países de América Latina se reunieron en Quito, Ecuador.